Susan Noel
Hometown: West Barnet, Vermont

My mother died of Alzheimer's at age 93. My Dad kept her at home for 10 years as she lost everything that made her who she was, because they could not afford any help, much less a care facility. This has to change. The lack of care is destroying families right now. And what about people who live alone? What's going to happen to them? Just wait, it will touch you, or your family, soon. We need help urgently.

Kim Tardie
Hometown: Barre, Vermont

As Grandparents that are adopting our special needs Grandson we can clearly see that expenses for getting my Grandson the best possible chances at living the most healthy life definitely cost money. I don't believe that it is a justice to have services that can help our children improve unattainable due to financial restrictions. This is especially true for Grandparents that are starting the task of raising the next generation on a limited income.