Judy Stevens
Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

I have seen loved ones struggle to plan for, and be able to have, a life in the community when challenged by age and injury. A nation like ours should be able to do better, and offer a wider array of options for people--options that provide dignity.

Kathleen Waller
Hometown: Stafford, Virginia

I am 67 and my husband is about to turn 62. He is about 4 years into fronto temporal dementia. He has over a year to qualify for Medicare under SSD. The loss of his income has had a severe impact on us financially. The strain of caring for him is taking its toll on me. I have no idea how I will see him through this and what will be left of me or our finances by the time it is over. This disease is so cruel. It has isolated both of us. He can't stand me out of his sight and can't stand to see me to talk to anyone else.

Ellen Owen
Hometown: Springfield, Virginia

I am currently caring for both parents with dementia at home, I had to leave a great job to come home and do so because the care they were receiving at home was outrageously expense and sub-par. There needs to be alternatives to nursing homes where our loved ones are sent to die. Care that offers our parents the love and dignity they deserve - especially veterans who have served our country!!!! This is shameful!!!!!!!